Geopoetics Day 2018 – Stravaiging along the Water of Leith to Leith Parish Church Hall

The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics was established in 1995 by Tony McManus and others and is affiliated to the International Institute of Geopoetics founded by Kenneth White in 1989.

The geopoetic project is not one more contribution to the cultural variety show, nor is it a literary school, nor is it concerned with poetry as an art of intimacy. It is a major movement involving the very foundations of human life on earth.” Inaugural text of the International Institute of Geopoetics.

The Scottish Centre for Geopooetics is a network of individuals who share a common interest in developing an understanding of geopoetics as the creative expression of the Earth and applying it in their lives. We organise talks, discussions, day and weekend events, conferences and courses, including field work in interesting places, which are designed to extend our knowledge and experience of geopoetics.

We have members in England, Wales, Ireland, USA, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Canada and Australia as well as throughout Scotland and we welcome new members from all over the world.

You can join us and become a member by using the membership application form on our membership page.

We have launched a crowdfunding appeal to help us make a feature documentary film Expressing the Earth in 2022 about geopoetics as the creative expression of the Earth in the arts, sciences and thinking! It will trace the origins of Geopoetics in Scotland and France, and show where it is today and where it’s going. It will reveal how geopoetics inspires creative people internationally who are concerned about the climate and ecological emergency facing life on Earth. Watch our short video and donate at

Geopoetics is a big idea whose time has come. It is attracting artists, scientists and environmental activists all over the world by its creative vision for the Earth and all its creatures. We hope you will support us by donating to our crowdfunding appeal to help us to make a wonderful film.

Exclusive extract from new Kenneth White book and discount offer! 

Kenneth White and the Australian philosopher Jeff Malpas held a conversation about poetry and philosophy over four days in Brittany. Inspired by poets from John Donne to Hölderlin, and philosophers from Nietzsche to Heidegger, they discussed the world, place, narrative, language and politics. This book records that conversation.

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Stravaig#10 is online now!

From Alba to England

Our call for work on the theme of a sense of place brought a rich harvest of poems, prose, essays and artwork. For the first time ever we were able to create two issues of Stravaig in one year.

The places depicted in issue 10 range from the granite city of Aberdeen and the former ‘Jutepolis’ Dundee to Shingle Street in Suffolk and the causeway that links Lindisfarne to the mainland of England. From Scottish mountains like Suilven to the Union Canal between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and the Thames at Battersea Bridge you will find much here to awaken what Colin Will calls our seventh sense, a sense of place.

Issue 10 is here

Stravaig #9 is now up on the website and can be read here!

We received so many good prose/essays, poems, images and artwork about Geopoetics generally and on the theme a sense of place that we have enough for Stravaig#10.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to notify everyone who submits their work but our editors do read all work submitted.

Stravaig #8

You can read the latest issue of our journal Stravaig #8 Part One here.

Altan Dhu Black Water Jan Kilpatrick

You can read the latest issue of our journal Stravaig #8 Part Two here.

Fallen and Uprooted Dina Fachin

You can read the latest issue of our journal Stravaig #8 Part Three here.

Our first print issue Stravaig #7 on the theme Living on the Edge can be purchased for £5.60 including postage & packing from our treasurer David Francis 214 Portobello High Street Edinburgh EH15 2AU.

Here’s Part One of the first ever issue of Open World magazine which the Open World Poetics group brought out 30 years ago!

Part One has a foreword by Joe Murray, an introduction by Tony McManus, essays by John Hart on Gary Snyder and Norman Bissell on Dialectics of Nature, and poems by Anne Tall, Colin Kerr and Kenneth White. Check out the diary of events that the group held in 1989-1991.

Part Two has essays by Gerrie Fellows, Kenneth White, John Hart on Taoist Philosophy, Murdo Macdonald and Archie MacAlister on Patrick Geddes and poems by Joe Murray, Gerry Loose, Graham Hartill and Gordon Meade. The artwork is by Kate Sweeney McGee.

2021 Events

The edited video of our Geopoetics in Scotland: past, present, future Conversation between Norman Bissell and Gordon Peters on 11 February 2021 is now up on YouTube here!
The music at the beginning and end was composed and played by Loriana Pauli in Berneray.
Our Geopoetics Appalachia Conversation on 25 March 2021 featured excellent presentations by Laura Hope-Gill and John Lane on how they came to geopoetics followed by great questions, answers & discussion about geopoetry, geology, Don McKay, Harry Hess, Black Mountain College, Alexander von Humboldt, ASLE, Thomas Wolfe’s cabin, Kenneth White – & how to be creative each day!
Please post your thoughts about the videos in the Comments below it and subscribe to this YouTube channel to be informed of other Geopoetics Conversation videos as they are put up.

2020 Event

Our Virtual Geopoetics event on 7 November was a great success with at least 45 members from USA, from Italy, France, England as well as Scotland & non-members attending. We had some lovely songs from Ada Francis and thoughtful discussions about arranging a series of virtual conversations in 2021. We also discussed themes for our Stravaig #9 journal and ensuring space for geopoetics work of a more general nature. The tour de force lecture by Richard Roberts which analysed some of Hugh MacDiarmid’s poem On A Raised Beach and much else is now on our website here. A must read!

Presentations on Geopoetics

The life-affirming second Tony McManus Geopoetics Lecture in two parts by Mairi McFadyen at our Geopoetics Day on 3 November 2018, A Journey into Geopoetics/Finding Radical Hope in Geopoetics can be read here.
An inspiring lecture by Alastair McIntosh to the Expressing the Earth Conference on Some Contributions of Geopoetics to Modern Scottish Land Consciousness can be read here.
The insightful keynote address by Norman Bissell to the Expressing the Earth Conference on Expressing the Earth: Geopoetics and George Orwell is available here.
Another fascinating keynote address by Prof. Michael Russell, former MSP for Argyll & Bute & former Minister for UK Negotiation on Scotland’s Place in Europe, to the Expressing the Earth Conference on Sweet the Cuckoo’s Sound: Argyll: Place, People and Neighbours is here.
The first Tony McManus Geopoetics Lecture on Nan Shepherd: an Early Geopoet by James McCarthy is also available to read here.

2019 Events

1. A Geopoetics Conference Expressing the Earth in the Year of Indigenous Languages at Wiston Lodge near Biggar from 14-16 June 2019                                                                                             

It featured an inspiring programme of outdoor and indoor workshops and talks, films, discussions and performances of poetry, prose and music. Free time was also provided to develop creative work emerging from the workshops and talks. See more about our Conference Programme on the menu above.

2. A Geopoetics Day at the New Lanark World Heritage Site on Saturday 12 October 2019
It included a talk by Katherine Buchanan about her ancestor James Buchanan who initiated progressive education for infants at New Lanark, a walk along part of the River Clyde in full spate, our Annual General Meeting and the third Tony McManus Geopoetics Lecture by Norman Bissell on Tony McManus and Geopoetics in Scotland: past, present, future.