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The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics was established in Edinburgh on Burns Night in 1995 by Tony McManus and others and is affiliated to the International Institute of Geopoetics founded by Kenneth White in 1989.

The geopoetic project is not one more contribution to the cultural variety show, nor is it a literary school, nor is it concerned with poetry as an art of intimacy. It is a major movement involving the very foundations of human life on earth.

Inaugural text of the International Institute of Geopoetics.

Kenneth White speaking at the Sorbonne in 2019.

We’re very sorry to inform you that Kenneth White, the Scottish poet-thinker-teacher who originated the theory-practice of geopoetics, has died peacefully after a short illness at his home on the north coast of Brittany on the evening of Friday 11 August. It is hard to take in such a great loss to the culture of Scotland, France and to the International Institute of Geopoetics which he founded in 1989.

His work inspired people all over the world and will continue to do so. We have sent our deepest sympathy to his wife Marie-Claude and to Regis Poulet, President of the International Institute. We feel for them at this very sad time.

The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics will organise a celebration of his life and work in June 2024 in Scotland. A lovely short film in French and English with him and Marie-Claude in it was made in 2022 and you can watch it at .


The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics is a network of individuals who share a common interest in developing an understanding of geopoetics as the creative expression of the Earth and applying it in their lives. We organise talks, discussions, day and weekend events, conferences and courses, including field work in interesting places, which are designed to extend our knowledge and experience of geopoetics.

We have members in England, Wales, Ireland, USA, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Canada and Australia as well as throughout Scotland and we welcome new members from all over the world.

We issue regular Newsletters and mailings with news of events which relate to the geopoetic field. We also have a Facebook discussion group for members. Our activities include field days and weekends which combine talks and discussions with guided walks.


Geopoetics Day, 2018 – Stravaiging along the Water of Leith to Leith Parish Church Hall

You can join us and become a member by using the membership application form on our membership page. You can also come along to any of our events and browse our online publication Stravaig which includes essays, poetry, photographs and artwork of high quality.

Our latest issue 13 of Stravaig titled Inspiring Islands is up now. .You can find it here.

Due to Covid-19 regulations, in 2021 and 2022 we held a series of Virtual Geopoetics Conversations on Zoom which attracted large audiences, stimulated discussion and further increased our membership. You can watch the .conversations on this YouTube playlist here.

We also made a short film to publicise our crowdfunder to make a full length documentary film about geopoetics. .  We exceeded our target funding and are currently shooting the film. You can watch the short film and make a  donation to support the final stages of completing the film at the Crowdfunding page here.

The Scottish Centre has its own publishing imprint, Alba Editions, which has published a short introduction to geopoetics by Kenneth White called Geopoetics: place, culture, world and Grounding a World, essays on the work of Kenneth White, edited by Gavin Bowd, Charles Forsdick and Norman Bissell. It also distributes Coast to Coast, a book of interviews with Kenneth White. These books can be bought online at the shop below.

The top photograph taken by Norman Bissell is of Fladda lighthouse, Belnahua, and Mull, looking west from the Isle of Luing.


The Radical Field by Tony McManus

A breakthrough analysis of geopoetics and the work of Kenneth White.

Grounding a World: Essays on the Work of Kenneth White

16 essays on the work of Kenneth White, edited by Gavin Bowd, Charles Forsdick and Norman Bissell.

Coast to Coast by Kenneth White

12 interviews and conversations with Kenneth White, 1960 – 1990, with an introduction by Norman Bissell.

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The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics is a membership organisation which relies on members’ subscriptions to fund its activities which are carried out by volunteers. Its purpose is to raise awareness of geopoetics as a crucial way to approach and respond creatively to the natural world of which we are part.

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