Going Outward

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Geopoetics and John Ruskin: a conversation

Norman Bissell (Director, Scottish Centre for Geopoetics) and Howard Hull (Director, Brantwood and the Ruskin Foundation) in conversation, discussing connections between John Ruskin’s thought and Geopoetics. Introduced by Bridie Ashrowan.

It was held at the ‘Going Outward’ Geopoetics Weekend at Brantwood (Former Home of John Ruskin), Coniston, Cumbria on 26 & 27 March 2011.

‘Going Outward’ was a two day event about making real connections with the world as the key to understanding and practising geopoetics. The outstanding setting of John Ruskin’s former house overlooking Coniston Water in the Lake District enabled us to explore his response to landscape and his relationship to geopoetics.

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