Steve Pardue

I am an Artist Interpretator working in Northumberland. I work mainly in the area of interpretation – that is broadly speaking looking at the world around and presenting it to others in an interesting and informative way. I work from a wee studio in Hexham.

Words and Pictures are the key components of my work and I begin from the ground (or often beneath the ground) taking clues and questions from the geology of a space.

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Many of my projects can be described as hinterlands – the edges of the country such as coastal outcrops, cliff tops, marshes and bogs. The Lincolnshire Coastal Toposcope is a good example of my work composing of landscape design, poetry and illustration.


Old Ragatan – the Lincolnshire Shepherd

Old Rag takes a dozen steps and a leap of faith

His dog, feral and faithful

Eel-pout, perch and roach feed below a watery land

Phragmites touch the sky with a feathery kiss