Poems and images: Steve Pardue

Poems and images: Steve Pardue


Jewelled Roof

Droplets like Jewels await under branches

I stand and marvel at their patience

Rain waits above the canopy

Trees collect my thoughts and they hang

Like leaves waiting for action



Doorway to heaven

Carved leaves form the corners

An old door waits

The lock a new invention

A Chubb

Spirits locked in

Life locked out



Heaven and Earth

Scouring the ground
Captured earth

Geological litter
Frozen out of time

The tiniest shell
Encapsulates life

Before time

The whole hill
A fossil tale

The spectacular
Out of reach

The marvellous
So small it might
be missed

Look at stones
Look at rock

See the story
In the small

Feet drenched in
Ancient seas