Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personal information from your visit to this website, unless, of course, you email us via the contact form on the homepage, in which case we collect the information you provide there. If you wish us to delete your emails at any point, just tell us and we will do so.

If you buy items from our shop then we collect the contact information you provide so we can fulfil your order. This personal information is stored on our secure server for one month, after which it is anonymised (all personal information is stripped out and only the order information itself is retained). If you begin to make a purchase but do not complete it, any personal information is deleted after one day. When you make a purchase, your payment information is collected by Stripe, the payment processor, and we do not have access to it ourselves. See the Stripe privacy policy for details on their use of your personal data.

This website places a few cookies in your browser when you visit. The only cookies we place ourselves are those which register your preferences regarding cookies (these cookies expire after eleven months). However, cookies are also placed on your browser by third parties whose content is embedded in our website, namely Facebook, Twitter and Youtube (Google), as well as WooCommerce and Stripe when you visit our shop. These persist for varying amounts of time. You can view and delete all these cookies any time via your browser settings.