Stravaig: Geopoetics Online Journal Issue 1

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Welcome to this first issue of Stravaig, the online journal of the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics. Henry Thoreau was one of many forerunners of geopoetics, a man who had a keen perception of the world around him and who wrote about it extensively in his books and journals. He was quite a walker too (unhappy if he didn’t manage four hours a day) and so it is highly appropriate that this first issue of Stravaig (a Scots word meaning to stroll or wander) should be inspired by his work and feature essays, poems and images which clearly demonstrate the creative benefits of getting out of the house and going outwards.

This is our first issue of our Online Journal – we are also producing a digital version available to print for those of you who like paper to hold! We are hoping to make this a regular (ish) item so let us know what you think and how we can make Issue 2 just as compelling reading as issue 1 is!

So here are some of the images that await you in Stravaig – for the full story head over to Stravaig Issue 1.